For the 8/4/16 Election Day

DISCLAIMER: This particular post is specifically for my faithful readers who call Tennessee their home. In other words, if you live somewhere other than good ol’ Rocky Top, feel free to stop here.

August 4th, 2016 is Primary Election Day in Tennessee. It also serves as an election for several municipal, city, and county elections around the state. Even though I moved away from McNairy County last year, I have managed to keep up with politics in the area as well as politics around the state. If you were lazy like me and forgot to early vote, here are some candidates that I hope you’ll consider when you head to the polls (as you should) on Thursday. Be sure to take note of the party affiliation of each candidate so you are able to vote for as many of these as possible.

McNairy County

  • State Representative Primaries, 94th District: Ron Gant (R)
  • Assessor of Property: Darren Bowers (D)
  • State Senate: Bob Shutt (R)
  • U.S. Congress Primaries, 7th District: Marsha Blackburn (R)
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Justices: RETAIN ALL

Madison County

  • U.S. Congress  Primaries, 8th District: Hunter Baker (R)
  • Madison County Commission, District 9: Jay Bush (R)
  • State Representative Primaries, 73rd District : Jimmy Eldridge (R)
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Justices: RETAIN ALL

Shelby County

  • State Representative Primaries, 85th District: Logan Brasher (write-in)
  • U.S. Congress, 9th District Primaries: Write-In anyone you like
  • Circuit Court Judge: Valerie L. Smith (R)
  • Chancellor: Jim Newsom (R)
  • General Sessions Court Clerk: Richard Morton (R)
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Justices: RETAIN ALL

Cannon, Clay, Coffee, Cumberland, DeKalb, Fentress, Jackson, Macon, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, Robertson, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale, White, and Wilson Counties

  • U.S. Congress Primaries, 6th District: Diane Black (R)
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Justices: RETAIN ALL

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