Wins & Losses (July 24-30)


  • I spent the week hiking in the Smokies with my in-laws. The scenery was beautiful and the hikes were enjoyable. In total, I hiked three trails totaling 20.8 miles. We were able to make it Abram’s Falls on Monday, nearly 5 miles to the Appalachian Trail on Tuesday, and found an abandoned tractor train on Thursday. It was quite an enjoyable trip.
  • It was a treat to see my folks for a short time on Friday when they got back from a mission trip to Jamaica. Everybody had stories to tell and they seemed to really enjoy their trip.
  • I learned how to play Hearts! Now, I’ve lost nearly every game I’ve played so far, but at least I know what I need to do.
  • Our short, but awful experience with Shelby County Schools is over. Becca was offered a job at Horn Lake Middle School last Wednesday and she accepted it on Thursday morning. This is a much better situation for everyone and she gets to be mentored every single day. Also, she gets to go to Disney World in December. Lucky.


  • The week in the Smokies was the longest time away from Becca since we’ve been married. I always thought married couples were a little ridiculous when they would complain about this, but I completely understand now. I was homesick by the second day.
  • I slipped up this year and didn’t make it around to vote early. I’ll just have to manage my time creatively on Election Day, although pretty much every elected official in my district is and will be a Democrat.*


*Keep watching the blog. On Wednesday, I’ll write a post encouraging you to vote for certain candidates in primary and municipal elections. This is if you actually care about my political leanings.


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