Wins & Losses (June 26-July 9)

Summer is obviously taking its toll on me since I have been late posting one two Wins & Losses blogs. So, here’s a look back at the weeks that were…


  • After a rousing game of “who’s gonna give up first,” our apartment complex has agree to discount our rent for next month due to the grievances we made about the AC. Not exactly what we asked for, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Vacation Bible School at LEBC went by without a hitch. Becca and I had minimal parts in it, but it was a lot of fun as our first VBS with our church family.
  • Becca and I are now the proud (?) owners of credit cards. Don’t worry. We aren’t that excited about them. It’s just to buy gas to build credit. Go us for adulting.
  • My friend Daniel Joyner performed last week on America’s Got Talent! and did an INCREDIBLE job. He actually had his interview aired on TV and received awesome reviews from the four judges. He’ll perform either this week or next for Judges Cuts, so cross your fingers!!!!
  • We paid my car off!
  • The week of the 4th was a great one. We spent lots of time with our families and friends celebrating our nation’s independence. I enjoyed a few days in Adamsville playing with Nash, my brother’s new puppy.


  • As many of you know, Pat Summitt died on July 28th. It was a sad day for the Vol Nation and she will be deeply missed.
  • We are exhausted. We only have one more week of summer before schools starts. Ouch.
  • I have unfortunately slacked off in my planning skills. I’ve been really good about creating orders of service three weeks in 2 weeks and 6 days in advance. The last two weeks…actually, just summer in general…have thrown me off my course. ‘Tis quite the struggle.

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