The Summer Not Spent at Home

If I expected anything this summer, I expected to be able to rest at home. After the first year of teaching, I was ready to go to bed without setting an alarm. I was ready to get up after 6:00 and enjoy the morning with my coffee and my wife. I was ready to take each day as it came, not knowing what we would do from day to day. But for the summer of 2016, that has been quite the opposite.

May concluded with a short trip to Adamsville to spend time with my family on the river. The following week, we were at the beach with Becca’s grandparents and cousins. The next week found us hosting a friend of our’s (which we enjoyed), but it was also when our air decided to die on us. That had us spending the next two weeks at Becca’s parents’ house. When the air was FINALLY fixed, we stayed in our apartment, but not without Vacation Bible School at church. As soon as VBS concluded, we headed back to Adamsville to spend the Fourth of July with my family and a few close friends. Now, we are back home for a few days before we trek to Jackson for a week of Summer Music Camp at Union. We’ll finish that up, attend a wedding in Savannah, and have one week at home before Becca begins inservice on July 28.

Summers are not quite what I expected when I became a teacher. Now, don’t get me wrong; the summer sabbath from school has been well-received. But I’m not near as rested as I thought I would be by this time. Maybe we will have a better grip on what summer should be like by this time next year.


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