Wins & Losses (June 19-25)

Wins & Losses


  • I GOT A JOB ON WEDNESDAY! I am so incredibly thankful to all of you who prayed for us while we waited on God’s perfect timing. I can’t wait to join the family at First Assembly Christian School (FACS).
  • Marco Rubio announced that he has changed his mind and will be running for re-election to the U.S. Senate. I am thrilled to hear this and hope it all turns out for the best.
  • On Thursday night, Becca and I got to entertain the senior adults of Collierville FBC. We had such a fun time singing for them and eating some WONDERFUL food. They were so sweet and we look forwarding to doing it again.
  • We’ve been dog-sitting for Becca’s parents this weekend while they are in Decatur for a family reunion. A wonderful excuse to get away from our apartment while the A/C still refuses to cooperate.
  • I am hearing wonderful remarks about Arts in McNairy’s current production of “Beauty and the Beast.” This is not an easy show to produce, but I am not surprised at all that they are pulling it off and pulling it off well. If you’re in the McNairy county area between now and Tuesday, you really should go see it one night. Take it from an AiM alum: you won’t be disappointed.


  • As noted above, the A/C in our apartment is STILL OUT. I am preparing to discuss the lease agreement with our landlord on Monday to see if we can get out of there in the next few weeks and move somewhere else.
  • Because of the A/C, we haven’t gotten to sleep in our apartment except for Sunday and Monday. We are grateful for Becca’s parents who put us up through the week, but we definitely miss our home. It’s rather ridiculous that we pay for all these services, and they can’t even provide a livable space.

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