“Faithful God, You reign forever…”

These are the words that have been going through my head all day long. And I’ve been singing them because I do, in fact, serve a faithful God who reigns forever.

Most of you know by now of my job loss back in May. Since then, I have put in applications all over Memphis and the state of Tennessee. Until Monday of this week, not a single person had replied to any inquiry I put in. It seemed the disappointment was settling in for the long run.

However, on Monday afternoon, I received a phone call. A phone call from a place I hadn’t spoken with since before my termination. It was First Assembly Christian School, the very school in which I applied to be the choral director pre-loss-of-job. In my personal opinion, it was my application here that led to my eventual termination at Collegiate. Anyway, the principal at this school called me and wondered if I would be interested in a theatre arts teacher position. Having not received any feedback from ANYWHERE, of course I was interested. I went in for an interview on Tuesday morning and had one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. The principal and headmaster were so kind, courteous, and professional. It was very evident that they loved Jesus, and that FACS was a Christ-centered school. After they prayed with me (something I LOVED), I went home. This morning (6/22), I woke up to a phone call from FACS offering me the job. I enthusiastically accepted the offer.

I don’t tell this to show how employable I am. I tell this to testify to the faithfulness of God. We have been wrapped in warm arms for the last four weeks by people that we love dearly. These people have lifted us up in prayer, encouraged us with beautiful words, and supported us in ways that we could never repay them.

God is so incredible. We knew that this instance was not a surprise to Him. We knew that He would prove Himself faithful, just as He has done so many times before. We knew He would take care of us. And take of us, He did.

“Faithful God, You reign forever. We will hope in Your great Name. Strong and mighty, King of heaven; we will worship You, O faithful God!”


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