Wins & Losses (June 12-18)

Wins & Losses


  • This week was rather uneventful, which made us very happy. We were able to get up late, eat our meals whenever we wanted, and finish Season 3 of Once Upon a Time.
  • On Tuesday, I met with my former employer to get some questions answered on my end. I left the 6-minute meeting encouraged and relieved because I learned that will be getting paid through the summer and I also have health insurance through the summer. God is faithful.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting wrapped up last week and many good things were done there. There was a great sense of unity among the messengers and Southern Baptists should be very encouraged about the goings-on in St. Louis last week.


  • Our AC unit was locked up all week, making our apartment rather warm. On one particular day, the interior temperature was 10 degrees higher than the thermostat setting. It was more pleasant to have the entire thing turned off! It got so bad that we ended up spending the weekend with the in-laws. Here’s to hoping it is fixed (completely) in the next day or two.
  • Other apartment woes included pests. We’ve had our fair share of wasps, spiders, stink bugs, and even a SLUG in the last few weeks. Pest control is supposed to come on Wednesday. I suppose we can fend off any other unwelcome visitors until then.
  • The job search continues. I have applied for many openings for which I am qualified, but the doors have not been opened no matter how many times I’ve knocked. Please pray that in the next week or so, we will receive some kind of indicator of what to expect.

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