Wins & Losses (June 5-11)


  • We spent the entirety of last week in Orange Beach with Becca’s grandparents and two young cousins. This trip had been planned for a while and it was SO RELAXING. I even got to enjoy my seasonal meal of crab legs!
  • Speaking of crab legs, I taught Becca how to break the legs and get the meat. And she did it very well. I felt rather accomplished that I taught her how to do this.
  • My wife hopped on the bandwagon last week as she established her very own BLOG! See “Blogs I Follow” to find a link to her page.
  • I was able to make a little extra money playing for a cocktail party on Saturday night. Though it wasn’t much, every little bit helps during this season.
  • Bekah Sargent arrived on Saturday night as well to spend several days with us in Memphis. We are super-glad to have this college friend with us to provide a little extra laughter around the Brash Cave.


  • If any of you have read Becca’s latest post on her brand new blog, then you now know that I unfortunately lost my job at The Collegiate School of Memphis last month (this is the trial I spoke of a few weeks back). I won’t go into details here, but know that we would covet your prayers as we seek to honor God with every decision we make.
  • It is DANG HOT in the Bluff City right now. Our AC is working overtime to keep it under 80 degrees. We are sweating like pigs and hoping that our apartment maintenance will fix the problem…quickly.
  • Not that it was a surprise, but Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

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