Wins & Losses (May 22-28)

Forgive me for posting this two days late.


  • Exam week went by without a hitch. Grades were put in quickly and I was able to leave school each day within an hour of the students leaving.
  • Summer arrived on Friday afternoon and it was welcomed with open arms.
  • I wrapped up my tenure at Bartlett Music Academy on Saturday. While it is a phenomenal business and a place that I’ll continue to support, it is great to have my Saturdays back again.
  • Becca has taken it upon herself to organize our ENORMOUS music library at church. She claims that this is therapeutic for her. We are definitely looking forward to taking on this summer project together.


  • Five months into marriage, Becca and I were not expecting to hit a trial like the one that was just laid upon us. I can’t go into details here, but just know that we need some serious intercessory prayer these days. The trial is completely unexpected, but we know that we serve an incredibly powerful God was has proved Himself faithful time and time again. We have no doubt that He’ll do the same again.

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