Wins & Losses (May 15-21)


  • The Voices of Proclamation gave a concert at church last Sunday evening. The music was beautiful and the fellowship was sweet. It’s always good to have a little Union in my life now that I’m away from Jackson.
  • CSM held its graduation on Monday night. I got to wear academic regalia (SO COOL) and got to lead the singing of the Alma Mater, which happened to be arranged by my lovely wife 🙂
  • Natalie graduated from AHS last Thursday night! In a world where people move all over the place and struggle to settle down, it’s refreshing to know that I come from a family that has 3 generations of graduates from Adamsville High School. It was also nice to be home for a few hours and sing that great ol’ AHS Alma Mater (“Adamsville High School, how I love thee…”).
  • Becca graduated from Union on Saturday! We had a blast with all the graduation festivities that day. It was rather full, but we were able to enjoy ourselves through it all. And as much as I love the AHS Alma Mater, the Union University Alma Mater is definitely more near to my heart (“Union, dearest Union, yes we’ll sing thy spreading fame…”).
  • I got to play for the Cordova Elementary Music Program on Tuesday night. It was sweet to watch all the students and watch a fellow music teacher use her methods.
  • On Friday night, Becca and I found ourselves at our church where we got to listen to students of our church pianist perform in recital. It always thrills my heart to see young children being educated properly in the ways of a musical instrument.


  • Last week was absolutely exhausting for both Becca and me. We had something to do every night and rarely had time to breathe between one activity and another.
  • The cat honed in on our exhaustion and suffered with us. That wouldn’t bother us if he didn’t  “mark his territory” as a coping mechanism. Let’s just say that we’ve taken the garbage out several times in the last week.
  • The Mathews have officially left Jackson. They are now in the midst of settling in Oklahoma and we miss them dearly.
  • Last week found me struggling with a professional decision that I hope to have closure on by the end of this week. Burning bridges is one of my biggest fears and something that I hope doesn’t happen with this decision.

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