Wins & Losses (May 8-14)


  • The seniors at CSM are gone. They took exams early and got out two weeks before the rest of the underclassmen. Why didn’t I get to do this 6 years ago?
  • Mother’s Day  was sweet. I was thrilled to have Mom in town that weekend and we got to spend time with Melanie that evening.
  • Becca has been desperate to find a TV show that we would both enjoy. She enjoys the dry humor of The Office while I prefer to watch old episodes of Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, and Reba. And we always make sure to watch DWTS on Monday evenings. She did well in suggesting that we start watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I am really getting into it and I’m glad she found it. We’re barely into season 1 right now, but we definitely make time for 1-2 episodes a night.
  • Our baccalaureate service at CSM went over well and I was thrilled to get to play and sing hymns for the service.
  • I’ve begun going through the choral library in my classroom. As a first-year teacher, this was something I wanted to do, but never found the time. I’ve found some great music that we can sing for next year, as well as some that I would rather see in a trash can.
  •  Becca and I caught a Redbirds game on Saturday night. While I enjoy going to a baseball game anytime, I especially wanted us to go this one because it was Star Wars Night. Between the characters, costumed fans, and fireworks set to the Star Wars soundtrack, we had a marvelous time.


  • We were hardly home at all this week. We didn’t like it and this week doesn’t look any better.
  • Jodie got eliminated last week on DWTS. Although I did see it coming eventually, I hoped that she would last one more week. This came after her first perfect score of the season, too. It was sad, but on we go!
  • I had an ingrown nail this week. It had gotten so sore by Thursday, that I was hurting even when just sitting at my desk. Finding a podiatrist was an absolute nightmare. I called every podiatrist in Shelby County before I found one that could take me on Friday afternoon (the doctor was actually good though). We’re not looking forward to that bill when it comes.

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