Pray for our Methodist Brothers and Sisters

If you have kept up with news in the Christian realm, you may be aware that the United Methodist Church is meeting for its General Conference over the next two weeks. This is their largest corporate event and it only happens every four years. This is a formality that has been going on for years. It’s what is being debated that’s made this such a covered event.

Before the conference even came to order, over 100 United Methodist clergy and bishops “came out” as LGBT in an effort to change the traditional position of the United Methodist Church that has been a bedrock foundation since the church’s official organization in 1968. A letter was written by the clergy that strongly urged the church to change its historical position in order to come to agreement with other mainline Protestant denominations and the culture surrounding them. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out between now and next Friday.

For those of us who are of a denomination other than United Methodist, our responsibility is not to sit on the sidelines and chastise or watch with eagerness to see what will happen next. This is a call to get on our knees in prayer and lift up our brothers and sisters in the United Methodist faith. How this conference ends could radically change how the church functions and how it survives in the days ahead. There are many in the church who are holding true to biblical convictions and God’s original and eternal design for marriage. They understand that once God sets a standard, He does not change it. Others in the faith have a different view and interpretation of Scripture.

Please lift up our brothers and sisters in the United Methodist Church. This could be one of the most historic and church-changing weeks in the church’s history.


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