Never Trump. No Clinton.

Last night was a night that will be remembered for years to come. In an election cycle that has proved to be more unexpected than anyone could have expected, here we are on Star Wars Day facing a very influential crossroads.

Donald Trump somehow managed to beat every single Senator, Governor, and outsider in the race for the GOP nomination and will easily win the nomination in the coming weeks. In a field that included excellent current and former governors, conservative and moderate senators, and outsiders that had great track records, voters decided to go with a thrice-married casino owner who brags about affairs and encourages violence against those who disagree with him.

Just over a year ago, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy. I’m sure she was thinking at the time that she would have a cakewalk to the Democratic nomination with the possibility of a little fighting in the general election. Then along came Bernie Sanders. While some originally counted him out as too extreme, the 74-year old democratic socialist has won over the younger voters (which still baffles me) and the true heart of the Democratic party. He gave Secretary Clinton a run for her money. This caused her to run a campaign that brought her far more left-of-center than her husband ever was. While Mrs. Clinton will most likely win the nomination, the cakewalk turned into a walk on hot coals.

That brings us to May 4th. We have one candidate who flip-flops on whatever issue is best at the time, and vows to protect every right except for the rights of evangelicals. We also have Mr. Trump…a man who has never held office, provides no intellectual policy on ANY matter, has no morals AT ALL, insults anyone who crosses him, and only defends himself with poll numbers (which is the equivalent of me defending my musical skills because I own a piano).

What are we to do?

I have been a part of the #NeverTrump movement since it began. I believe that Mr. Trump does not possess the qualities needed to be Commander-in-Chief and would be, in his own words, “a disaster for this country.” He has no idea how to run a country and he would make the United States the laughing stock of the world (he’s already done it to the Republican Party). Regarding Mrs. Clinton, I had gone back and forth with the idea of whether to vote for her or not should Mr. Trump gain the nomination. At one point, I had decided to vote for her. However, after her remarks about “unborn children not being protected under the constitution,” I retracted that decision. And I’ve already endured the comments that “a no-vote for Trump is a yes-vote for Hillary.” That depends on how you look at it.

I have always been an advocate of voting FOR something/someone rather than AGAINST something/someone. I won’t vote or Trump just to vote against Hillary and I won’t vote for Hillary just to vote against Trump. That makes no sense logically or morally. This November, I’ll be voting third-party (may the ridicule begin). I can honestly say that I don’t know who will win in November, but I will rest assured knowing that I voted for something by conviction and didn’t put either of these loons in office.


One thought on “Never Trump. No Clinton.

  1. Third parties, as they’re condescendingly referred to, are all a sane voter has at their disposal. Trump and Clinton, or Clump, as I like to call them, are despicable nominees. Perhaps, they are fitting representatives of the two-headed beast, individually known as the Republican and Democratic Parties.
    Never Clump. No Trump. No Clinton.

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