Wins & Losses (April 24-30)


  • Kirby Woods Baptist Church commissioned Matthew Leet on the 24th as he prepares for summer missions in Indonesia. Becca and I were glad to be able to be there for this special event in his life.
  • I’ve been rehearsing in a chamber ensemble with two co-workers for the last two months. We performed the Trio for Piano, Oboe, & Horn by Carl Reinecke in chapel on Monday and I had a splendid time!
  • BECCA GOT A JOB! This is something for which we’ve been praying for quite a while. We are so grateful that God answered this prayer in His perfect timing.
  • The scholars at CSM never cease to amaze me. Not only are they hard-working individuals, but they can be some of the funniest people you’ve ever met.
  • Ted Cruz picked the best vice presidential candidate he could have chosen When I saw the news that Carly Fiorina was it, I was so excited. Although the method is a bit unconventional, the Cruz-Carly team is definitely one to pull for.


  • Rain cut short our day of Cougar Olympics on Friday. We were able to do every event but two. Also, my team lost. Sad day, it was.
  • The rain in general was just gross on Friday and Saturday.

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