Wins & Losses (April 17-23)


  • It was another great Monday night on Dancing with the Stars. I had to watch it the next day, but Jodie Sweetin got the second highest scores of the night and her dance was fabulous.
  • In place of DWTS, Becca and I were in Jackson to see our friend Zack perform in his senior recital. He did an incredible job and we are so proud of him.
  • The things that come out of students’ mouths never cease to amaze me. Just this week, one student volunteered to pray. As she prayed, she finished with this sentence: “God, please let us die so we can go to heaven with you.” It provided for a lot of laughter among my coworkers.
  • The choral concert on Thursday night was an emotional night. First, we got to have dinner with some friends that I graduated with. The concert itself was fantastic, but the alumni singing that surprised Dr. Mathews at the end brought out the tears in all of us. The anthem by Dr. Musselman was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time re-connecting with alumni from years past.
  • Friday and Saturday night were both date nights for Becca and I. On Friday, we used a gift card to enjoy some steak at Logan’s Roadhouse and then went to see Batman vs. Superman at The Paradiso. Saturday night found us behind home plate at the Redbirds game where we relaxed and enjoyed fireworks post-game.
  • At the Redbirds game, we met an older couple sitting in front of us who had been married for over 60 years. As we struck up conversation, the gentleman, Bill Flowers, gave us a yellow card that guaranteed us free food at whatever concession stand we went to. It was an unexpected blessing that left us in a really great mood.


  • Friday was a terrible day at school. My classroom management skills were at their worst during my choir class and I came home absolutely exhausted.
  • Nearly $1000 for new tires on Becca’s car on Saturday. After the whole ordeal, we are fairly certain that we got ripped off. As hard as the lesson is to learn, we are grateful to know that Becca has good tires for a while.

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