Wins & Losses (April 10-16)


  • I finished my 6th book (The Shack) of the school year on Friday. The R&R time at my school has proved to be one of the best moments of each day. Fifteen minutes of leisurely reading are very welcome in the midst of a hectic school day.
  • I finally stumbled upon the “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. This is a playlist automatically generated by Spotify for all users based on your saved playlists and artists. This playlist is updated every Monday and I absolutely love it. It provides the perfect listening music during planning at school. And it gives me a chance to “discover” new music!
  • On Thursday, Gov. Haslam vetoed the controversial “Bible bill” that was narrowly passed through the Tennessee General Assembly. I am in support of his veto (post to come later).
  • Becca and I had a very restful weekend. I took a personal day on Friday and didn’t teach lessons on Saturday. We were able to take those days at our own pace. We very much enjoyed the time together that didn’t involve school, jobs, or anything else.
  • Becca also secured a job interview (that is actually happening this afternoon) at a school that we’ve been watching very closely. We are praying for God’s clear direction in this part of our lives.
  • This is a VERY LATE win, but my best friend from high school, Miranda Martin, got engaged back in March. I was so happy to see it when it popped up in my Newsfeed. I’ve never seen someone more patient with the Lord in the area of relationships. Her obedience was honored and I am thrilled to see her embark on a new life with her fiancee, Zach. What’s better than that? The fact that they’re getting married on my birthday 🙂


  • What I expected to be a simple single tire replacement turned out to be a 5-hour wait at the tire shop where I eventually dropped $700 (!!!!) on a new set of tires. What’s worse than that is the fact that when my spare was attached after my blowout in March, the screws for the lugnuts were messed up. That will burn another big hole in the wallet this week for sure.
  • Although the weekend was restful and warm, it didn’t go without my inaugural sunburn of 2016. My face and neck were not happy on Saturday night.
  • Lesson plans in April are THE WORST. That is all.

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