Wins & Losses (March 27-April 2)


  • Easter at Leawood East BC was a joy. Such a blessed time of worship with my wife and our new church family.
  • An extra day off after Easter provided a time of much-needed cleaning and straightening up around the Brash Cave. I was thankful to get the house looking nice again.
  • Bill Gaither turned 80 and Reba McEntire turned 61. 
  • If you have seen my most recent post, then you know that my choir received superior ratings at the Jackson Choral Festival. They performed so well and I couldn’t have been prouder.
  • We spent the weekend in Adamsville attending the Marriage Matters Now conference with Steve & Debbie Wilson. This couple has become very special to my family. Listening to their God-given wisdom on marriage and family was such a blessing to Becca and I.


  • The week was absolutely exhausting.
  • hardly saw Becca all week except for when we got home (separately) just in time to go to bed. The weekend away from Memphis made up for it though.
  • During the drive to Jackson on Thursday, I had a blowout about 4 miles from my exit. What I initially thought would be about a 30-minute tire change turned into a 3-hour wait for AAA on the side of the interstate because the lugnuts were so tight from the last time I had my tires rotated.
  • I had my first library fines this week due to my negligence to renew my books at the Memphis library. Now I can never run for public office.

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