Jackson Choral Festival: A Different Vantage Point

I took my first field trip as a teacher yesterday and it was an absolute blast. We had to leave hardly before the sun came up, but that doesn’t matter when you’re an early riser.

I took my choir to the Jackson Choral Festival at FBC Jackson. This is an event that I have worked at for the last three years, but this time, I came with a choir. It was a bit surreal to walk in the door wearing formal attire with a group of high school students following me like ducks. And it was so wonderful to see many friends and colleagues that I hadn’t seen in a while.

We arrived on time and went straight to warm-up. The students were attentive, engaged, and focused. I was already proud. They sang our three songs so very well and the critique session with Dr. Mathews was such an incredible opportunity for them. After sightreading (!), we sat in the sanctuary and watched several other choirs, including the Chamber Choir from the University of Limpopo in South Africa. THEY WERE AWESOME.

Not long after we finished sightreading (!), I went to check and see if our scores were ready. When I saw a plaque on top of our judge’s envelopes, I was ready to burst. I was so happy to see that. Honestly, they exceeded my expectations, and I hadn’t expected to bring home a plaque. But they were on their game and sang with professionalism. Overall, we received three 1’s and a 2. Guess where the 2 came from?

I am one proud director.



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