Wins & Losses (March 20-26)



  • We hosted Life Group at our house last Sunday night and had the best time. Minus a few setbacks (a broken can opener), we really enjoyed the company and the fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Re-reading the week leading up to the death of Christ was such an encouragement to me. Similar to the Christmas story, the Word of God becomes more alive to me every time I read it.
  • We had a great Good Friday service at Leawood East last week. It was such a contemplative time of reflection.
  • I was encouraged by our Dean of Admissions here at Collegiate on Wednesday when she said, “Why can’t we have a school full of Brashers?”
  • A three-and-a-half day week was just what the doctor ordered, followed by a 4-day weekend. What a time of rest we enjoyed.
  • Lastly, I FINALLY got to go see Into the Woods from a seat in the audience. the view is MUCH better out there.
  • The Brashers now have a plan that has potential to get us debt-free by this time next year. If all works out and we stay committed, we will be in excellent shape.


  • The last 9 weeks of school will be rough. That is easy to figure out.
  • I am a bit worried about the sightreading skills of my choir as we prepare for choral festival this week. The prepared pieces sound great, but I am bracing myself for the most dreaded part of the festival.

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