Holy Week Reflections: Triumphal Entry on a…Donkey?

Yesterday, I was reading Mark 11:1-11, which records Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. After reading it a few times, I began to pay special attention to the donkey and the significance of it.

The donkey supposedly represents the humility that Christ displayed in his life. Jesus Himself said that “the Son of Man did come to be served, but to serve.” I believe that the donkey perfectly represents that. But I also had another revelation. Christ was making his way into Jerusalem, the city of his eventual death.

Jesus had ridden a donkey before. 33 years earlier…entering the city of his birth in the protection of his mother’s womb. Now, he was riding a donkey into the city of his death.

I’m not exactly sure what specific significance this holds yet, but I’m very excited to find it out.


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