Wins & Losses (March 13-19)


  • Becca had her first job interview last week, which went so well considering she had to prepare a sample lesson for 5th graders. This is a huge win since she hasn’t even started her elementary student teaching placement yet.
  • Our issues with Comcast Xfinity were resolved on Monday. As much as I hate customer support via phone, a face-to-face conversation at the Support Center was actually quite helpful and we haven’t experienced any problems since.
  • This isn’t a win just for the week, but God continues to reveal Himself to me through His Word. I was reading Micah 4 the other day and came across a passage that was declaring the prophecy of Christ’s second coming. This is incredible to me because the people hadn’t even experience his FIRST coming yet!
  • My time with Into the Woods began on Thursday and ran through Sunday. Though it does get repetitive, I really do love this show and love taking a different role than actor.
  • We got a sweet surprise visit from Joanna and Allie Pitts on Friday. They were delivering a wedding gift that had somehow yet to make its way to Memphis. Although we enjoyed the gift, the best part was spending about an hour catching up with sweet friends.
  • St. Patrick’s Day (my favorite holiday) was well-celebrated in Mr. Brasher’s class! I moved my Ireland flag to the door as an entrance curtain. I also took a few minutes with each class period to briefly explain who St. Patrick was and why that day bears his namesake.


  • Sen. Marco Rubio suspended his presidential campaign on Tuesday. It was a bit expected, but definitely cut me like a knife when he said it.
  • Into the Woods drained me this weekend. I did not rest at all.
  • It got cold again.

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