The things I do for my wife…

On Monday, I came home to find Rebecca sitting in my chair. If she is there, then she is obviously bound and determined to do something. On this particular day, it was the mission of fixing the remote.

I have had quite a few issues with my Comcast remote control since I got it. Every once in a while, it would stop connecting with the cable box. Although frustrating, it would also fix itself within three days. Except for this time. It had been broken for 6 days and the batteries were still good. A bigger problem was what Becca wanted to watch that night…The Bachelor Finale.

So together, we tried everything we could to fix this remote. Comcast website, YouTube videos, calling the support line. You name it, we tried it. Eventually, the support line told us to go to the Xfinity store and trade out our box and remote control for an HD box and remote. On a typical day (it was 5:00 by now), I would have waited until the next day to go. But once Becca heard that option, she was already headed upstairs to put her shoes on. Her exact quote was, “If you really love me, you’ll go get that box and set it up.”

Se we did. I love her that much. We unhooked the box, drove to the store, got another box and remote, subscribed to the HD channels while we were there, brought it home, and connected it just in time for The Bachelor which came on at 7. We are now experiencing no problems with our cable connection and I have a happy wife.

Life is good.


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