Wins & Losses (March 6-12)


  • My father-in-law was presented as an elder at his church last Sunday and we got to be there to see it. This is an exciting step for the Leet family!
  • We have finally received ALL THE WEDDING PICTURES. They are all uploaded on Facebook and we can’t wait to start going through them, deciding which ones we want framed.
  • Quinten and Dad came for a quick visit on Monday and Tuesday of last week. During that time, Quinten and I visited Sun Studios downtown, followed by lunch at the Arcade Restaurant (Elvis’s favorite restaurant). It was such an incredible day and I can’t wait to do more stuff like that with Rebecca when summer comes around.
  • Spring Break was so relaxing. In fact, on Tuesday, Becca was asleep by 7:30 and I was relaxed on the couch, listening to the Grand Ole Opry. It was beautiful.
  • We got to spend the weekend in Nashville since we saw Phantom of the Opera on Friday. The production was absolutely stunning. So worth the money.
  • During our trip, we stayed the night with Mike and Sheila Filipek, the parents of Becca’s maid of honor in our wedding. It was so nice of them to house us and for me to get an opportunity to meet them.


  • Being an adult is so expensive. Between an oil change, gas, and food, our trip to Nashville was not a cheap one (especially considering we were winding down my paycheck from the end of February).
  • Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump on Friday. I am so disappointed in him and have lost a lot of respect for the man. I believe this will come back to bite him in the butt.

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