Wins & Losses (February 28-March 5)


  • I wrapped up the third quarter at CSM  this week, and as far as I know, no one failed my classes!
  • We had a very successful sitzprobe and tech rehearsal at Theatre Memphis on Saturday. I got to meet the other members of the orchestra and the show is really coming together in preparation for opening weekend.
  • Becca got to conduct two songs at the HHS Choirs’ winter concert. She did an excellent job and I was so proud.
  • On Wednesday, I took a personal day from work to play for the HHS Choirs at the WTVMEA Festival. It had been a while since I got to play for choirs and it was great to be back in that position again.
  • A half-day on Friday gave me the perfect opportunity to teach a civics lesson in my piano classes. Considering I couldn’t teach anything musical that might stick, I grasped the opportunity to educate those young minds about what it means to be a good American citizen.


  • Super Tuesday. That is all.

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