Wins & Losses (February 21-28)


  • We finally got the rest of our wedding pictures with the exception of reception photos (which we aren’t fretting over). If you haven’t seen them yet, Rebecca has posted them and they look incredible.
  • Into the Woods has moved to the stage and I, for the first time, got to play in a REAL orchestra pit! It is such a neat experience and I am continually in awe of the incredible talent at Theatre Memphis.
  • Another rousing GOP debate had me on Cloud 9 this past Thursday. Marco Rubio did extremely well in pointing out Donald Trump’s flaws and came away with a lot of #Marcomentum.
  • I’m getting much better at playing Spades now that I’ve married into the Leet family. I was a slow starter and I still make my mistakes, but I’m definitely seeing improvement and the Leets are being quite patient 🙂


  • Donald Trump won in Nevada and I’m still bitter.
  • Speaking of him, he gained an endorsement from NJ Governor Chris Christie. I felt that this was pure politics playing out right before our eyes and a huge slap in the face to Governor John Kasich.
  • What’s worse than a Christie endorsement was the endorsement that followed; Dr. Robert Jeffress, the controversial pastor of FBC Dallas, was just shy of endorsing Donald Trump right after Chris Christie. I’ve never been a huge fan of Pastor Jeffress and this certainly did not help his case with me.
  • The more I lead worship, the more I see how much detail there is in planning it. I’m leading worship at a church in a few weeks and the planning for it is a lot more that I’ve ever expected or done. I have high hopes and I’m remaining positive, but it can be so easy to get discouraged when the first (or second, or third) plans don’t quite work.

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