Trumping Trump

Folks, this is serious business.

As of this morning, Donald Trump has won 3 states in a row for the Republican presidential primary. If that doesn’t worry you, it should. This is a man who provides no substance, has no clue how the government works, and possesses no moral compass that we can see.

I have made my thoughts known on social media throughout the election so far. I am an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio because I believe he is the one best equipped to lead this country in the direction it needs to go. But, since Trump supporters seem to like that he “tells it like it s,” let me give it to you straight.

If you support Donald Trump, you support an agenda that is sexist, bigoted, and without any direction. He has bragged about his various affairs with other women. He is NOT a conservative. He has praised Hillary Clinton. He supports banning any and all Muslims from coming to this country (enter, First Amendment), Establishment Clause). He is greedy. He is not a Christian (Two Corinthians? Really?). Although this is dangerous territory for me to say, you cannot call yourself a Christian and enthusiastically support a man who has done nothing to even minutely reflect Christ-like behavior. The fact that Mr. Trump is winning among evangelical Christians terrifies me.

The only things we hear in his speeches are:

“America doesn’t win anymore.”

“I will win.”

“I/We love ______________.”

“My poll numbers are_________________________.”

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no substance here. There is no policy, practical ideas, compassion, or humility. You can, in fact, run for office and remain humble. I’ve seen it in candidates for a levels of elected office. It’s time to rally and stop this crazy lunatic from snagging the Republican nomination. It’ very obvious that  Gov. John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson will not gain traction. Senator Ted Cruz is slowly slipping away (he lost the evangelicals that he was counting on). Senator Marco Rubio is the only one who has seen diversity among supporters and he’s the only one whose poll numbers have increased since the departure of the former candidates. Senator Rubio is the only candidate who can defeat the Democratic nominee in the fall and we must come to grips with that. If I can switch from Carly Fiorina to Marco Rubio when the time came, then the supporters of Kasich, Carson, and Cruz can do the same.

If it comes down to Trump vs. Clinton, our country gets what she deserves. And I’ll leave it at that. Please share this with your friends to bring eyes to this very serious issue.


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