Wins & Losses (February 14-20)


  • It was a shorter week for Rebecca and I last week due to President’s Day. That made it quite easier when it came to lesson plans.
  • My students began watching The Sound of Music in class last week, and that is carrying over into the beginnings of this week. This calls for less planning as we begin to round out the third quarter of the school year.
  • weekend trip to Adamsville was pre-planned and strictly held to. It was so nice to visit home.
  • Along with the home visit came warm weather! It was warm and not raining, so that gave us some time outside of the house where we tossed a baseball and football, and kicked a soccer ball.
  • Also along with the home visit gave us an opportunity to visit Fat Cat’s  for a slugburger (and an All Meat burger for my wife).
  • We also found time to stop and see Mimi and Grampy on our way back to Memphis. We haven’t seen them since before the wedding, and it was a joy to spend about an hour and a half at their house.


  • Despite the fact that it was President’s Day, I still had to go in to work for a training day. Therefore, I only got about half of a day off.
  • Donald Trump won big in South Carolina. Now is the time to panic.
  • Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race. Although he wouldn’t have won, it was still sad to see such a fine man fall short of what would have been a great presidency.

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