The Ideal Presidency

Those who closely follow politics (like myself) can sometimes fantasize about the perfect administration based on candidates running for the presidency, other political officials, and those that are high up in their field of expertise. I crafted the perfect administration in 2008 up to Secretary of State, and this go-around is no different. I have based my fantasy around my own biases, observations of other voters, and the debates that we have seen throughout this early election cycle. Here is my ideal setup for president and a few members of the Cabinet:

President: Marco Rubio

Vice President: Carly Fiorina/Nikki Haley/Scott Walker

Secretary of State: Jeb Bush/Carly Fiorina

Attorney General: Chris Christie

Secretary of the Treasury: John Kasich/Newt Gingrich/Nikki Haley

Secretary of Defense: Lindsey Graham

Secretary of Agriculture: Stephen Fincher

Secretary of Education: Gene Fant

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Dr. Ben Carson

Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker

Secretary of Homeland Security: Ted Cruz

Secretary of Commerce: Carly Fiorina

Director of Government Finance: Rand Paul



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