#FreeCollege -Plus Shipping

Excellent thoughts from my brother on Bernie Sanders and ideas that are too good to be true.

Of Life & Lyrics

campus scene for TBR 2013 tuition plan

I’m sure by now, everybody’s heard of Bernie Sander; the self-proclaimed socialist and dark horse for the Democratic Presidential nomination. He’s an older candidate who is winning the support of young voters under the age of 30. According to a recent poll, 84% of Democrats under 30 years old voted for Bernie in the Iowa caucus. One the main selling points of his campaign is the idea of free college education and debt free college. Who wouldn’t be excited about that? But before you start chanting “Feel the Bern!”, take a minute and find out how much #FreeCollege is going to cost you.

Rise in Taxes

To fund his free college education plan, Bernie Sanders plans to raise taxes for the “wealthy”(which according to him is anybody that makes around $200,000 a year) to a 90% income tax. So for every dollar you make, 90 cents of it goes to…

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