Wins & Losses (January 24-30, 3016)


  • Donald Trump  skipped the most recent presidential debate, making it one of the most substantial debates of the election cycle.
  • The school week was rather easy thanks to presentations, review, and a test. Those weeks are always my favorites.
  • After months of searching and praying, Rebecca and I finally found a church to call home. We’ve been visiting Leawood East Baptist Church since September (with a few others here and there), and no other church has made us feel at home as much as this one. It is so great to finally have a church home again.
  • I got to lead a portion of a church choir rehearsal on Wednesday night in preparation for leading worship on Sunday. You have no idea how weird it is to lead a rehearsal with Chris Mathews in the choir. This is role reversal at its finest.
  • Rebecca finished her J-term class this past week and begins student teaching on February 4th.


  • Chapel at school last Monday was a trainwreck. I know that every choir director must go through a situation like this at some point. However, that doesn’t make the situation any easier. I hope this will put my choir members’ feet to the fire as we work the rest of the semester.
  • It is never fun to find something that you’ve always wanted (at a fantastic price nonetheless), but have to turn it down due to financial standings. This was me this past week with a grand piano. Thanks to the advice from the wife, the parents, and the in-laws, we didn’t lay down a large sum of cash for a grand piano. That doesn’t help the desire, however!

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