Wins & Losses (January 17-23, 2016)


  • At my school, teachers are offered a stepback day to prepare 3rd quarter assessments and any extra planning that needs to be done for the rest of the semester.  In short, a teacher spends the entire school day alone, and they just write tests and make a calendar. It was a great time for me as I channeled my inner introvert. Mine happened on Tuesday (1/19). This was a trial run for the school and because it was so well received, it will now become something for teachers once per quarter. PRAISE JESUS.
  • I realized how old I’ve become by watching High School Musical  on Wednesday night. It is so hard to believe that it was premiered ten tears ago. Despite that, it was quite nostalgic to watch it again and be reminded of how much I loved it in the 8th grade.
  • Mom and Dad came to Memphis on Thursday. Rebecca and I got to double-date with them at a Tim Hawkins concert at Hope Church. As if that wasn’t good enough, Tim Hawkins crafted one of his sketches based on how long Rebecca and I had been married. It was absolutely hilarious, and a good time to hang out with Mom and Dad.
  • School was canceled for the wife and I on Friday. Therefore, we did nothing. We sat on the couch all day and went through a season of Boy Meets World. We teachers know how to spend a day off.


  • Donald Trump  is still at the top of the polls.
  • I forgot about t-shirt day  at work on Wednesday. It was bound to happen sometime and it helped that I wasn’t the only teacher that forgot.

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