Wins & Losses (January 10-18, 2016)


  • We got to enjoy another GOP presidential debate this past week. In my opinion, this was the most substantial debate yet, largely in part because of the smaller number of candidates (seven) on the debate stage. I hated that Carly was placed in the undercard debate, but both debates were of good quality.
  • After years of waiting, I finally was able to get tickets for Rebecca and me to see The Phantom of the Opera at TPAC in March. We are SO EXCITED!
  • Student/Teacher Rush Night meant a date night for my beautiful bride and me. We used some gift cards to eat at Red Lobster and completed the night with a performance of Matilda the Musical at the Orpheum. It was a cute show that was very well-executed.
  • I got to get started with rehearsals for Into the Woods with Theatre Memphis on Saturday. It was nice to meet some new people and even make some more contacts (musically speaking). I guess I’m finally able to label myself a “freelance pianist.”
  • A three-day weekend came just in time. Rebecca and I got to spend a day in Jackson, catching up with some college friends and enjoying the Star Wars soundtrack on the way to The Hub City.
  • Quinten moved to Murfreesboro on Monday and gets started with his classes at MTSU today. While we were initially nervous for him (okay, we still are, but just a little), God has proven once again that He is always faithful. Quinten was blessed with great roommates that have taken him in like he has been there for years.


  • Another Democratic debate happened on Sunday night. It was just some more socialism. I hate that Governor Martin O’Malley is making any more headway that he actually is. Poor guy would make an okay president, I think.
  • Donald Trump is still the frontrunner in the GOP primary.
  • Speaking of Donald Trump, he made a complete fool of himself in Convocation at Liberty University yesterday (watch the full video here). What’s worse is the fact that people are STILL following him after all that he has said and done.

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