Wins & Losses (January 3-9, 2016)


  • I survived my first week back to school. But man, it was hard.
  • Rebecca and I have been watched my series of Boy Meets World on DVD (starting season 4 tonight). While I have seen every episode of this show 6-7 times, it’s a glorious thing to share my love of it with my wife who didn’t grow up with it.
  • We got all of our auto insurance worked out with Farm Bureau.
  • Rebecca FINALLY was able to get her name changed according to TDOT and Social Security.
  • We got to spend our Saturday with Rebecca’s parents where we ate lunch and played games with her family and a family friend. It was a great way to spend the weekend.


  • Quality customer service in government offices (DMV, Social Security, courthouses, etc.) is at an all-time low. Believe me; we experienced them firsthand last week. I know you deal with difficult people everyday, but can you at least be courteous to those of us who are intentionally trying to be NICE to you?
  • Donald Trump is still at the top of the polls (but not in Iowa!).
  • Little Simba had a visit to the vet this week where we learned that he had tapeworms. He has also been clawing up the carpet in our bedroom every morning. It is taking $170 to fix that. This cat better be glad he is cute and sweet.

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