Since school let out for Christmas

I guess you could say my life has been quite busy since school let out for Christmas on December 18th.

The wedding for Rebecca and I was everything we dreamed it would be. So many of our wonderful friends showed up to the ceremony and it was such a blessing to see them all. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, thanks to the wisdom of Dr. Chris Mathews and our wonderfully talented friends that provided our ceremony music. We were so very happy.

Our honeymoon was nothing short of fun. We spent our wedding night at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. Not only were the accommodations top-notch, but the customer service throughout the hotel was absolutely incomparable. Every employee we encountered was courteous, professional, and just all-around nice. We absolutely loved our short time there. The 4-night stay in the mountains was a bit rainy and muggy, but we managed to have a good time. We went to 2 shows, drove through Cades Cove, and somehow managed to avoid a tornado on Christmas Eve Eve.

We made our way back to West Tennessee on Christmas Eve with sunny skies all the way. Rebecca and I got to attend the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at my parents’ church where we were greeted with many congratulations from friends and family alike. Christmas with my family was splendid, but rather hurried. On Christmas morning, we drove (in the rain) all the way to Decatur to spend Christmas with Rebecca’s grandparents.

And finally, we made it back to the 901 on Christmas night where we picked up the newest member of our little family, Simba the cat. He was Rebecca’s Christmas present and has turned out to be just the right addition to our home. We have been very productive this past week trying to get our home in a livable state for a newlywed couple.

School starts back on Monday for the both of us, so get ready for the next addition of Wins & Losses!


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