Wins & Losses (November 22-28)

So, I’ll go ahead and admit that I stole this idea from Dr. Kennith Freeman, a good friend of mine who happens to be playing at my wedding.

Every week has its high and lows. The good and the bad. Hits and misses. Wins and losses. To help me maintain sanity and positivity, I will be starting a weekly post on Mondays outlining the highlights and low points of the previous week.


The Thanksgiving holiday brings family together. I got my fair share this week. Rebecca got to meet members of my family that she hadn’t met yet (and she didn’t run for the hills when she met them!). I also got to spend time with her extended family in Decatur, AL where I found time for Spikeball and cornhole.

The wedding gifts keep coming in. We usually find ourselves with about 2-3 per week, depending on where they are sent. We are quickly realizing how blessed we are with all the people that love us enough to make sure we can live like humans once we’re married.

Wednesday led us to the Hardin County Courthouse where we picked up our marriage license. We had such a great time getting it done. The clerk’s office was so nice and kept us laughing the whole time we were there. The $60 discount thanks to pre-marital counseling was nice too.


Rain was all over us during the last half of the week. I just don’t care for rain, especially when I’m driving.

Finding an accompanist is harder than I thought. Although I did end up getting one for my choir, I went through about 6 rejections before I got the magic word. Procrastination was not my friend in this case.

Dresses for my choir ladies aren’t shipping as fast as I thought they would. According to the company, they will not ship until Friday of this week and the concert is next week. Nervous is quite an understatement.


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