The First Month (plus a few days)

It’s been over a month since I blogged. This teacher life is not a joke. It’s tough stuff. You never know how much teachers actually prepare until you do it yourself.

Trying to adjust in Memphis is a long process. In fact, it’s one where I have to make myself find the positive. As a lifelong optimist, this is an issue. I’ve always been able to find the positive. But between being away from Rebecca, staying late after school, a bad day at work, and THE TRAFFIC, it’s been a little hard. I honestly have to work hard to find the positive in my daily walk. So, let me share a few of them with you so that I might help myself out a little bit.

  1. I love that my school offers 15 minutes a day for everyone to read for leisure. This includes students, faculty, staff, and administration. There are 15 solid minutes of complete silence and 100% reading. I’ve read two books so far and it proves to be my favorite time of the day.
  2. Lunch is provided free of charge every single day (HALLELUJAH).
  3. Pre-marital counseling has started. This gives me a chance to see Becca in the middle of the week. We are also loving our counseling sessions.
  4. As much as I thought I’d hate it, I really enjoy teaching class piano. Since the class is more of a lab than a traditional classroom, this offers me lots of extra prep time and time for individual assistance. Other than 1st period (7:45 is early for anybody, y’all), it’s become my favorite class to teach.

The presidential race keeps me entertained and intrigued as well. With two fresh drop-outs (the biggest surprise being Scott Walker), we’ve learned that the Republican primary is anything but predictable. My candidates, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, are doing exceptionally well. I hope and pray that this surge in the polls and newfound prominence is not short-lived. Carly continues to prove that she is fit for the job of president. In my humble opinion, she is the female Ronald Reagan. Not a right-wing Tea Partier and a marvelous communicator. Hey, what if we’ve found the next Great Communicator? Only time will tell. A Fiorina-Rubio ticket would be the best things Republicans have done in a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time.


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