Singing Carly’s Praises

For a while now, I have been singing the praises of Carly Florina. She is the only Republican woman running for the GOP nomination for president and she is rocking the race. Every election cycle, there is always one or two candidates who have never held elected office before. Carly is one of those. She lost a 2010 Senate race in California to incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer. She is the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and took that company to become nearly a $90 billion firm.

As I have watched her on the debate stage, in interviews, and at rallies, I have one thing to say: she is the new Great Communicator. In the presidential elections I have followed, I have never seen a candidate communicate like Ronald Reagan until now. Carly Fiorina has solid, concrete plans and knows exactly how to put them into words that are understandable. Her numbers are rising because of her incredible debate performance on August 6th. Not only is she closing in on her Republican opponents, she is also closing in on Hillary Clinton. As of today, she is only 7 percentage points behind Hillary Clinton in a poll of roughly 1,000 voters.

If you have a minute, watch her speech from the Iowa State Fair earlier today:


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