Idols and How They Affect Us

Today, I joined the iPhone world. I got an iPhone 6 with AT&T and it’s fantastic. Just so everyone has an idea of my cell phone journey, let my give you a brief timeline:

2006: First cell phone…a black, Nokia flip phone with no camera and no texting plan

2011: Texting plan added to phone

2013: First smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S2), switched to MobileNation

2015: First iPhone, switched to AT&T, leave parents’ plan

Due to my Daddy’s cheap shopping, the Brashers have always been riding the caboose when it came to technological advances unless one of us purchased something on our own. So, today is a very happy day in the life of my cell phone journey. But something else is on my mind today.

I had the worst experience trying to get a new phone and set up my own plan by ordering over the phone. It was an absolute nightmare trying to figure out where the order was, and an even worse predicament when I tried to cancel the order. Finally, I was sent to a corporate location in Corinth, MS to try and sort all my woes out. I was able to cancel the order on Monday and got my iPhone today. Now, here’s the gist of the blog post.

In both instances in which I was physically in the store, I saw so many rude and inconsiderate customers. They complained to the sales reps the entire time and it just drove me nuts. When you are in a store in which an employee is devoting all his/her time to you during the duration of your visit, you ought to show more respect. Personally, I believe that this bad behavior resulted from these folks idolizing their phones (Apple or otherwise). I believe it also resulted from the fact that the problems with their phones weren’t fixed in a New York minute. This really, REALLY bothers me. When the sales reps are devoting all of their time to you in order that you might get the best deal and be totally satisfied, it isn’t a lot to ask of you to be kind to them. Start by choosing your words carefully; don’t talk to them as if they are the scum of the earth. They are humans trying to make a living just like you. Have a little decency.

I desperately pray that I will never idolize something so much that it negatively affects how I treat people. I hope that we can all take a look into our own lives to see what we are placing above the Lord when it comes to priorities.


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