Making the transition

Well, almost everything has been moved from Adamsville to Memphis with the exception of my bed, dresser, and all my clothes (except winter apparel). Most of the remaining items will be moved in this weekend, and whatever is left will be pitched into my car on Monday when I permanently move to my new home. Lots of emotions are surrounding me right now.

There are some incredible perks about living in Memphis. My whole life (with the exception of my time in college), I have been at least 10 minutes from anything, usually more. Now, I’m two minutes from my bank, two minutes from Starbucks, five minutes from Kroger (which shares a parking lot with another branch of my bank), and I can see Target from the driveway of my apartment complex. This will most certainly be the biggest adjustment.

In other news, I go to get my girl in a week and half. WE’RE ALMOST THERE.


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