Problems People Don’t Hear About

Daily, we are bombarded with social media posts and commercials about weight loss. A new exercise program here, a new diet plan here, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Total Gym. I could go on and on. All of these are great programs that have seen results by those that use them. But there is one problem that has no program and social media ignores. That is the problem of weight gain.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not meant to downplay weight loss. Many Americans struggle day in and day out to lose weight and they have tried everything under the sun. I understand that it comes easier for some folks than others and I support anyone who strives to make themselves healthier by losing weight.

For my entire life, I have been skinny. I have never struggled with having to keep my weight down. I eat like a hog and I never exercise, yet somehow I manage to stay within a certain range when it comes to pounds. Most folks attribute this to an astronomically high metabolism. On the surface, it sounds like a dream. The perfect plan to maintain a “healthy” weight. On the contrary.

I am actually underweight. According to an indicator by the CDC, I am about 8-15 pounds under where I should be. It’s frustrating and embarrassing. It’s really embarrassing when folks go on and on about how skinny I am. Not a week goes by when folks ask me if I eat enough. YES I EAT LIKE A HOG NOW BRING ME A CHEESEBURGER. Most of the time, it is said iN a tone that sounds sarcastic and maybe even stemmed from such an emotion. But it hurts. It really and truly hurts.

Just as much as folks don’t want to be overweight, folks like me don’t want to be, nor do we enjoy being underweight. Nothing fits us normally. Belts have to be worn with every pair of pants/shorts. Watches never have enough holes or links in the wristband. We’re cold ALL THE TIME. We don’t like to see our ribs any more than the rest of you. I don’t enjoy the fact that I can fit my fingers around my wrist.

And just for kicks, I will not blow away in the wind. I don’t like being told I resemble a twig. I do not enjoy being picked up when I’m hugged just so you can see how light I am.

For those of you out there who are working hard, trying to lose weight, keep on trucking. I applaud you for your determination and admire your desire to keep yourself healthy. More people should be like you. But when you see people like me who are ridiculously skinny, don’t be so quick to think we have it made. We have insecurities just like everyone else, whether underweight, overweight, or just right. We want to be healthy, too. Our way of going about it is just a little different than yours.

Enjoy a little BuzzFeed on this subject




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