Union, dearest Union…

The past week has been one of the most emotionally draining weeks I have ever experienced. To put the entire week in a nutshell, let me say this: DO NOT TRY TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING INVITATION LIST THE WEEK OF YOUR COLLEGE GRADUATION.

Yesterday fulfilled a dream that has been five years in the making. To be honest, graduation was the last thing on my mind when I stepped on to the campus of Union University on August 20, 2010. All I was concerned about was finally wearing the label of a Unionite. And it was one of the proudest titles I have ever held.

It’s been a wild five years. Two majors, countless recitals, many great conversations, numerous professors, and way too many friends to even start counting. I have experienced joys unspeakable and tragedies unbearable. It took me five years to graduate rather than four. I traveled to Ireland with the best choir around. I met my fiancé. And become an alumnus of the greatest university in all the world.

However, had it not been for the countless efforts of my professors, this degree would not be sitting in front of me at this very moment. Therefore, I would like to take a moment to share by appreciation to every professor that has educated me in some way at Union University. Whether I liked your class(es) or not, I learned something in every single one of them. Thank you to:

  • Dr. Kevin Chen (New Testament Survey)
  • Dr. Jennifer Gruenke (Anatomy and Physiology I)
  • Dr. James R. Kerfoot (A&P Lab, Anatomy and Physiology II)
  • Mrs. Kristy Dunn (A&P Lab)
  • Dr. Debra Simpson (Written Comp I)
  • Dr. Teresa West (Intro to Psychology)
  • Dr. Jason Castles/Dr. Greg Thornbury/Dr. Randall Bush/Dr. Hunter Baker (Gateway to Christian Learning)
  • Dr. Roman Williams (Principles of Sociology)
  • Mrs. Carol Venable (Developmental Psychology)
  • Mrs. Jan Warren (Symphonic Band)
  • Dr. R. Kelvin Moore (Old Testament Survey)
  • Dr. Pam Sutton (Written Comp II)
  • Dr. Joshua Williams (General Chemistry Lab)
  • Dr. Gene Fant (World Lit I)
  • Dr. Janna Chance (World Lit II)
  • Dr. Stephen Carls (World Civ I)
  • Dr. Keith Bates (World Civ II)
  • Dr. Michael Hayes (General Chemistry)
  • Dr. Steve Halla (Arts in Western Civ)
  • Dr. Joanne Stephenson (Educational Foundations of Psychology)
  • Mrs. Melessia Mathis (Foundations of American Education)
  • Mrs. Leslie Mathews (Learning in Diverse Classrooms)
  • Mrs. Connie Vincent (Reading and Learning in the Content Area)
  • Dr. Chris Mathews (University Singers/Men’s Choir/Conducting/Advanced Choral Techniques)
  • Dr. David Dennis (Music Theory I & II/Choral Union)
  • Dr. Dan Musselman (Music Theory III & IV/Ear Training III & IV/Arranging and Composing)
  • Dr. Terry McRoberts (Applied Piano)
  • Dr. Betty Bedsole (Elementary Methods/Teaching Music: Jr/Sr High School/Student Teaching)
  • Dr. Stan Warren (Elective Voice)
  • Dr. Mike Penny (Singer’s Diction)
  • Mr. Mike Mann (Symphonic Band/Percussion Methods/Conducting/Percussion Ensemble)
  • Dr. Joshua Veltman (Survey of Music Lit/Music History I and II/Handbells)
  • Dr. David McClune (Woodwind Methods)
  • Ms. Esther Miller (String Methods)
  • Mr. Greg Luscombe (Brass Methods)

And now, enjoy my favorite photo from each academic year at Union.

Freshman Year


Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Super-Senior Year

O Alma Mater, our affections cling to thee

Faithful and loyal may we ever be

May our Master’s watchcare over one and all extend

‘Til again in Union, heart and voices blend

Union, dearest Union, yes! We’ll sing thy spreading fame!

Union, dearest Union, honored be thy name


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