Mitt Romney’s “Big” Announcement


Today, Gov. Mitt Romney announced that he will not seek the presidency this upcoming election. As a young Republican who is more involved in politics that the average twenty-something, I have my opinions.

Do I think Mitt Romney would be a better president than Obama? Absolutely. I was really hoping he would win in 2012. I even thought he had a fighting chance. However, he has never been my favorite candidate in the races in which he has run. In 2008, I was a fan of Mike Huckabee. In 2012, Newt Gingrich was my pick. I don’t consider myself a moderate, a Tea Partier, or any other label that seems to be attached to a GOP member. I am a conservative Republican. But Mitt Romney has never really generated that much excitement within my political spirit.

His trouble in 2012 was his inability to really find that connection with blue-collar workers and everyday common folk. I’ve watched both Obama and Romney talk to the average 9-5 worker. Obama has this charisma about him that allows him to better converse with a middle-class voter. Do I like Obama? Absolutely not. But I can tell when a candidate/nominee connects with voters and Romney just didn’t have that when he ran.

Gov. Romney made his announcement with good taste, letting the people know that it’s time for some fresh, new leadership within the GOP. I am very happy with his reasoning and wish him all the best. Personally, I hope the leadership he’s talking about turns out to be Mike Huckabee. I think he would make a terrific president. But we’ll just have to wait and see!


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