A Simple Christmas


This month, I read through one of Mike Huckabee’s books called “A Simple Christmas.” It felt fitting to read that considering the season, my love for politics, and my love/respect for Mike Huckabee. In it, he told stories of Christmases in his life from the time he was a small child up until he moved out of the Governor’s Mansion.

He tells of how we can get so wrapped up in the Christmas season that we forget the simple message that the first Christmas brought. A message of love, grace, salvation, hope, and unspeakable joy. I hope you were able to experience a simple Christmas this year. It becomes so easy to forget the underlying reason of how this all got started in the first place. The songs, decorations, family gatherings, and food are wonderful. They are age-old traditions that we have held dear and will continue to practice. But we must NEVER forget the reason we look forward to December all year round.

“…I understood that Christmas wasn’t the problem. It was the answer. I was the problem. But I could fix this by finally accepting my limitations and remembering Christmas for what it really is. Simple. Powerful and profound, but simple.”

-Mike Huckabee, A Simple Christmas


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