The beginnings of the final collegiate Christmas vacation


The initial days of my final Christmas break as a college student have been just blissful. Once I got home on Wednesday of last week after my final final, I made it a point to be as restful as possible for the first few days. That was a bit difficult considering our Christmas worship service was at church on Sunday night. We had a great night of worship at our Night of Joy. The choir worked so hard and sang beautifully. I love being the music intern and choir director at FBC Selmer. The people there are absolutely incredible and I am always looking forward to working with them.

On Sunday afternoon, Becca came to the house to stay a few days. She came to our Night of Joy and then spent the next two days with us. We exchanged Christmas gifts Sunday night and ironically, we both got watches from each other. This was completely unplanned, but so hilarious and just what we both needed. It was really nice to have her in Adamsville for a few days. Although we were absolutely lazy for the most part, we had a great time. We went to an AHS basketball game and watched our fair share of Reba and How I Met Your Mother. I was so happy that she got to spend time with the Brasher family at Christmas time. Because I will be student teaching next semester, followed by graduation and her spending the summer in Texas again, we are taking advantage of all the time we can.

And to top it all off, I made the President’s List (4.0 GPA) this semester for the first time since I’ve been at Union. This was such an achievement for me that I thought I might not see before I graduated. I am bouncing off the walls about this. And personally, I think the achievement should be renamed “Dub’s List.”


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