TISL Wrap-Up

Two days ago, I wrapped up what was probably the busiest job I have ever had. Getting elected as the TISL Speaker of the House was the easy part. Committing to conference calls and recruitment trips for a year was not nearly as simple.

I hate to admit it, but I was just not looking forward to the General Assembly. The time that must be devoted to TISL kinda takes the joy out of you when your passion lies somewhere else. This isn’t to say that I absolutely do not care about TISL, because I do. But this semester, TISL had to be on the back burner. Maybe I should have thought of that before I ran for Speaker last year. But even though I was not looking forward to the #TISL45 weekend this year, it turned out to be a lot of memorable fun with people that I have really come to appreciate.

The polar vortex moved in to Tennessee the day before the General Assembly, so the delegates arrived the next day in peacoats, scarves, gloves, and toboggans. The entire weekend went by without a huge amount of bumps. I was very please with how the House moved through our legislation, despite us having over 100 bills in queue before we adjourned sine die. We had a lot of great debate and no one was exponentially out of order. The Union delegation was well represented. We won Best House delegation and two of our representatives won the Carlisle Award. Our AMC3 team advanced to the final round for the second year in a row.

Although the work was hard and the conference calls long, I have definitely reaped some benefits from this fantastic organization. The Executive Council was made up of some fantastic people that I enjoyed working with. I am going to miss the General Assembly, specifically the House of Representatives. But the fact that I knocked out the two biggest things of the semester (recital and TISL) in a matter of two weeks is a blessing beyond belief.

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