All the Blessings

In my last post, I just unloaded why I was so overwhelmed. But I did allude to a blessing that was in my life. I am now serving as the music ministry intern at First Baptist Church of Selmer. This is such an answered prayer for me. I have only been there for two weeks and I cannot begin to tell you how encouraged I am by this church. It’s been a long time since I have sincerely enjoyed going to “Sunday meetin'” and it’s a wonderful feeling to be there again.

Here’s a shoutout to Dr. Todd Brady and Dr. Chris Mathews for helping me get this position!

I’m also wrapping up fall break tonight. Even though the label says it’s a break, the reality of it hardly matches up. Thursday called for a fundraiser for Ed Jackson. This welcomed the governor and U.S. Representative Stephen Fincher. It was a fun time meeting with the governor and Congressman Fincher again. Such fine men and great leaders in the Tennessee Republican Party. I finally reached the point where Congressman Fincher actually knows who I am, even though Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman!

Friday was busy as well. I cleaned the house before rehearsing with my musicians at church in the afternoon. Once I finished there, Becca Leet met me at my church and we went to Nashville to see Miranda Sings. Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) put on a fantastic show and we had the best time. Although we spent more time driving than we did at the show (it was only a 1.5 hour show), it proved to be the best part of fall break.

Today, I led worship at church in all three services because Andy was out of town. I keep giving him a hard time since he hasn’t had me for two weeks before he throws this on me. As nervous as I was, every service was flawless. Miracles are real, folks.

Between my new job and an eventful fall break, I’d say the blessings are definitely obvious.


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