Just Overwhelmed

It’s late and I should really be getting into bed so that I am fully awake for church tomorrow. But I have several things running through my head that I must get out before I turn in for the night.

I am overwhelmed.

There are so many things being thrown directly at my face at this point that I don’t know which one(s) to tackle. In short, they all involve school, work, relationships, or a combination of the three. Tensions are flaring with friends that I know and love, and it hurts me to see this happening. To put it simply, there are just some people that are getting on my nerves right now. I have so many things to get done for the jobs that I have and finding time to commit to those tasks seems impossible. I’m afraid of the consequences that will come if I don’t complete those tasks. With my recital coming up in about a month, I have to practice more than anything else, but other classes need my attention as well. It all comes down to this: I don’t know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. And it’s not even mid-term!

It feels like God is letting me down in some areas of my life. Granted, He has proved Himself to me in the last two weeks by answering a two-year old prayer of mine. I will not complain without rejoicing. But at this point, I just need some faith. And lots of it.


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