Another Last First [SAPPY POST ALERT]


It’s a year late. I should have celebrated my last first day of college in 2013 with the class that I entered Union with. But alas, fate had a different plan and here I am ready to begin my fifth year at Union University.

Coming back to Union today was exciting for me. For one thing, I got to see people. Having no social life this summer was super-hard and I couldn’t wait to get back to school. I loved reuniting with everyone today during the Student Organization fair and the Howdy Party. I met lots of freshman while working the College Republican table and saw a lot of old friends. The Howdy Party was the usual. I moseyed around with a few guys for a little while, saw some people, grabbed a sno-cone, and went home. That’s pretty much how it’s been for the past 5 years.

This also brings a lot of things into perspective. Two and a half months from now, I will be giving my senior piano recital. Six months from now, I will be student teaching, finishing the last requirement for my music education degree. One year from now, I will have a job (I hope), and begin the next era of my life. It’s my final semester to finish out that Union bucket list. Making the most of my victory lap is prime for me. Considering how attached to people I get, I have to make my time here as memorable as possible.

If you are a fellow Union friend reading this post, hear this. Let’s be friends before I up and leave. I’d like that.

Here’s to year number 5!


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