“That’s what’s wrong with America today…”

In a number of places along my life’s road, tons of people have enlightened me as to “what’s wrong with America today.” It could be young people, work ethic, Democrats, the Tea Party, big cities, or just politicians. Most of the time, I just kinda laugh it off and think nothing of it. But yesterday when I was told something new is wrong with America today, I perked up a little. Because that new thing that is wrong with America is me.

That’s right folks…me. I had engaged myself in a political discussion on a particular Facebook page. I try to remain professional when discussing things like this. Faces can’t be seen and it’s just downright immature to start mudslinging, particularly with people you don’t even know. But as I tried to defend my point, one fellow just up and said:

“It’s people like Logan Brasher that’s the problem with this country. We didn’t select Corker to go up there and play fricking GOLF with the Fraud-in-Chief, but to oppose everything he’s done. Corker and Alexander are traitors to Tennessee, we the people, Republicans and America.”

*To start with, respect is at an all-time-low here. These men are at levels where they are to be addressed properly. That would be Sen. Corker and President Obama.*

For some clarity, we were discussing the conservatism of U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN). He was seen in a photograph playing golf with the president. I was defending Sen. Corker because, just days before, I had met the gentleman in Jackson. He was a very kind, courteous, and humble man. I was privileged to have met him. These people that were slandering him really bugged me because most of them (if any) hadn’t met him at all. And I still fail to see where I am the new thing that is “the problem with this country.” (See the conversation by clicking here)

You don’t elect someone to office to oppose everything. You elect someone to office to get a job done. If all you care about is opposing someone else’s agenda, you have no business voting. Maybe “that’s the problem with this country.”


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