Thoughts for the Week

Over the last week, the political scene has been on fire in Tennessee. I have seen a lot regarding politics and have just a few thoughts for you.

1. Disregard those who say ” You not a true American if you don’t vote for [enter candidate’s name here].” You are not a true American if you don’t vote.

2. You should NEVER say you wouldn’t support anything a liberal Democrat/conservative Republican does. What if the liberal Democrat went to Nigeria on a mission trip to help nurse some people back to health and deliver clean water to the families of a village? Would you support that? What if the conservative Republican took in a homosexual man because his family had kicked him out of the house, leaving him homeless, hungry, and alone? Would you support him then?

3. Vote for someone/something, not against someone.

4. For the love of God, GET INFORMED.

5. Engage yourself in discussion with someone who doesn’t see the same way you do in politics. You will educate yourself, enlighten someone else, and realize that maybe you don’t have it all together.


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